Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hi darlings readers!

Here is a good news for perfume lovers. There is GA contest going-on from Perfumes Farm (click at the link). And I can tell you, I am so excited about the contest. Why? because it's perfume, gorjes!

What should you do to win the fabulous prize from Victoria's Secret?

1. Write an entry entitled "PERFUMES FARM CONTEST"
2. Put your most cheerful picture inside your entry.
3. Link your entry to this site.
4. Comment this entry and put your entry link so that I can visit your page.
5. The most cheerful picture will be the winner.

So, I am browsing through all the pictures and found Aqil picture which was taken on August 2011. This was capture at Laman Budaya, Shah Alam when we do our family picnic there. It was awesome to spend-time with your love ones. Aqil now is 3 years, he able to poo-poo him self, wearing own clothes, saying out his satisfaction or feel uneasy with something. He such an adorable! So yeah.. I bet on this picture then.. hehehehe..

Hurry up and send your entry now!

Love hugs,

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Perfumes Farm said...

hi..thanks for joining the Perfumes Farm Contest.=)

follow our twitter to get the latest information regarding the contest and also the latest promotion we have in store.